“Music is my god!”

January 9, 2019 Bethel Admin

~by Dave Kinsey

He couldn’t have been more blunt. I didn’t know quite how to reply to this twenty- or thirty-something
year-old man. It was a bit of an awkward situation. We were in the men’s room at one of the churches in
town. I’m not sure if he thought he was affirming me because he figured I was there to play in the
Christmas concert. But he quickly made another comment concerning a song he had written about the
minister and then he left.

I’ve thought about his statement a number of times. I’ve thought about how totally backwards it is to
worship music as our god rather than letting our music be the means of worshipping Him who is God. To
do so is “[worshipping] and [serving] the creature rather than the Creator.” (Romans 1:25)

This past Christmas season was filled with music. I sat and listened in reverence as the BRC choir sang its
version of “Hallelujah.” As the words and music so beautifully blended together, my heart was warmed.
I thought about the Saviour who was born to die—for me. The music was doing what it was designed to
do, draw me closer to Him.

In our home there is a plaque which reads, “Music is a fair and glorious gift of God.” God gave to us the
gift of music. We could all be tone deaf. But we aren’t. We could all speak in monotones. But we don’t.
God made us with the ability to enjoy the multitude of sounds around us—of nature, of singing, of
musical instruments being played.

Instead of exalting music, should we not be employing music to exalt Him “who richly provides us with
everything to enjoy”? (1 Timothy 6:17) I think so. What do you think?