When the Lights Went Out

December 22, 2016 Bethel Admin

-by Dave Kinsey

I was out in my garage recently looking to use my band saw to make a little prop to tell the Christmas story at club. It wouldn’t work. I turned the switch off and then back on again. Nothing! Then, I noticed that the lights in the garage had gone out, too. I went to the electrical box by the service door and checked the fuses. They were okay. Maybe the breaker on the electrical panel in the house had tripped. Nope! Nothing seemed to be amiss there either.

The weather was nasty and I didn’t want to be outside long, but I got out the ladder anyway and climbed the pole that took the power from the house to the out buildings. There was power to the top of the pole but nothing beyond that. Since it was well below zero, I figured nothing in the freezer in the garage was going to spoil and left the problem for another day.

What I discovered a few days later was that, although still connected at the top of the pole, corrosion had developed between two wires and interrupted the flow of electricity to the other buildings where it was needed.

Is that what happens in our spiritual lives sometimes? It looks like everything is fine, but we’ve allowed something to corrode the relationship we have with our Heavenly Father and the power—His power—doesn’t get to where it is needed? That’s my thought. What’s yours?

By the way, I cleaned up the connection and everything is working okay again.