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August 25, 2014 admin

power_4_tab_cbeEarlier this summer, Bethel hosted Ben Lowell, CEO of Back to the Bible Canada (BttB).

As part of his message, Ben introduced a program they call Powered by 4. It speaks to the influence unleashed in the life of a believer who commits to regularly reading God’s Word.

Powered by 4 has been developed to call and equip Christ-followers to receive the Word, reflect on it and respond to God by encountering Scripture 4 times or more each week.

It’s one of the great ironies of the church in the western world. We have access to over 130 English translations of the Bible, plus many more of the New Testament. We have paper copies, and editions on our computers, tablets and phones. And yet the 21st century church staggers from abysmal biblical illiteracy!

So, what’s so important about reading the Bible 4 times weekly?

Center for Bible Engagement is the research division of BttB. It undertakes research on how people perceive the Scripture, and in the last 8 years, over 100,000 have been surveyed around the world.

Consistently, the research has demonstrated that those who engage with God’s Word at least 4 times weekly experience a significantly more profound impact in their Christian life than believers who read less.

In other words, 4 times is the tipping point.

BttB goes further to support this claim: “Indeed, statistics show a much higher level of health and stability despite life’s constant challenges.”

A relevant 21st century example: a significant reduction in consumption of porn is reported by folks who read the Bible a minimum of 4 times weekly, when compared to those who read less.

Powered by 4 defines “Bible engagement”:

  • to receive the Word of God into your mind by reading or listening to the words of the Bible.
  • to reflect on the words of the Bible in your heart and soul.
  • to respond to the truths of the Bible in your daily life.

Four times (or more) each week!

That’s why we place such a high premium on Bible teaching at Bethel – in church services, Adult Bible class, group Bible studies, and in teen and children’s ministries.

And there are additional BttB resources to help you in your quest: http://bit.ly/1qAr2xS

Takeaway: as the fall season starts, what commitment will you make to engage with the written Word of God?