Buried Treasure!

June 19, 2013 admin

treasureThe kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field (Matthew 13:44).

People clearly value things differently.

Some folks who scoff at the idea of teenagers paying $200 for running shoes, would gladly pay twice that amount for a specific musty, dog-eared old book.


Probably because of what economists call the Subjective Theory of Value. At its most basic, the theory says that the value of an item is not what it is inherently worth, or even a measurement of the material or labour that goes into its creation. Rather, value is solely determined by the importance an acting individual places on the product.

In other words, how much is the buyer prepared to pay?

In Matthew chapter 13, the Lord Jesus tells 8 parables to explain secrets of the kingdom of heaven. The parable of the Hidden Treasure takes but a single verse.

The main character placed ultimate value on a field containing a buried treasure. As a result, he had one burning passion: to acquire the field and possess the treasure.

The parable explains that he was prepared to sell everything he owned – total liquidation – to generate the cash to complete the transaction. How did he explain that to his wife? Did his family attempt to discourage him? How many of his friends questioned his action, not to mention his mental balance?

But he alone knew the secret of inestimable value that the field concealed.

And therefore, only he had the fervent zeal to possess for himself that which was of unparalleled value.

The meaning is obvious: when I realize the King of heaven has honoured me with His sacrificial love, can I possibly value anything more highly than to love Him – to serve Him?

Takeaway: when I consider the transcendent dignity of the Lord Jesus, the price that was paid at Calvary for my salvation, and the unequalled value of my relationship to Almighty God, does my life demonstrate a corresponding burning passion for Him?