Body Health

October 27, 2012 admin

babyFrom Him the whole body…grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work. Ephesians 4:16

The New Testament uses a perfect metaphor to illustrate the church of Christ: the body.

The Lord Jesus is the Head. He has formed us together as a body – a living organism – and each of us is a part of that body: bone, cartilage, organ, muscle, nerve.

Christ has given His body life, and the body has the power – as directed by the Head – to grow and develop. And just like a healthy human body, Christ’s body will maintain and preserve itself, often in ways that are not readily visible or even noticed.

But as directed by the Holy Spirit of God, Paul inserts a necessary condition: “as each part does its work”.

Like the human body, the local body of Christ declines in health when some body part fails to perform, to do what it’s intended to do. And when several parts fail to execute as intended, the whole body veers toward dysfunction.

A dysfunctional, sick local church inhibits the Lord’s blessing in the lives of its people.

In other words, the Lord’s blessing in my life, is largely dependent on the healthy “performance” of those body parts around me.

And there is a very sober corresponding truth: the spiritual health of those around me, is directly impacted by my active role within the body.

A healthy body is characterized by 3 things: unity, diversity, interdependence…”as each part does its work”.

Takeaway: If every person in my local fellowship was as committed to serve as me, how healthy would our church be?